Thursday, May 21, 2015

Just a little update!

This is not a formal 'article" style blog post as I normally do, more so an update on what has been going on at our farm since our latest update!
So what's been going on? In the time since I last updated, our flock size has increased, we added ducks, and we lost our dear Blossom. However, I do have a chick from her, so not all is lost!
As I've been taking a crack at hatching, I've had a good hatch, and a not so good hatch. The better hatch was that of my own eggs from my own birds, and the second was that of shipped eggs. While it could have done a lot better, shipping eggs was definitely a contributing factor. From the shipped eggs, we hatched 2 salmon Favorolles, a Mille Fleur d'Uccle, and three mutt chicks (one of which I believe is part Langshan). We also hatched out a single Chinese Ringneck Pheasant!
I have been very busy working on multiple projects to improve our little farm, including a pond, a second chicken coop, and a fence!

I will be posting more often than I have lately, this is only a quick update that I may even delete later. I will make another that includes pictures and more details about my birds!

Possible future posts:
Predator Protection
Building a pond
Raising chicks and ducklings
Guide to buying eggs on eBay

Happy farming!