About The Backyard Barnyard

Hobby farming gives us the opportunity to have our own sustainable food source. By owning our own backyard flocks, herds, and gardens, we can supply our families and friends with food that doesn't come from a cage. We can reduce cruelty in factory farms buy produce our own eggs, milk and meat. We can know where our vegetables come from, without having to trust the word of misleading labels.

We support self-sufficiency of people in the first world. We often find ourselves depending on others when things go wrong. When a disaster comes, most of the general public is woefully unprepared, depending the the American Red Cross and National Guard to help them survive. Backyard farming provides a source of self sufficiency in a world where we depend on other people for virtually everything. We put the production of our food in our own hands, providing ourselves with a steady source of food and the satisfaction of reaping what we sew - literally!

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