Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Spring Chick's First Snow

One of my favorite things is seeing the first-year chickens experience snow for the first time. Some stand there and stare at the sky, some peck at it, some go in the coop and won't come out, some go everywhere but the coop trying to escape!

Here they are hiding under some steps. Marquis, the Salmon Faverolle, is much more equipped to handle cold weather than the bantams. However, he stays with them because he is too timid and docile to be with the big chickens! He got use to the snow pretty quickly compared to the others!

Choco, a Golden sebright, could not understand the snow. She stood in that spot, with that expression, for about 10 minutes while I tried to get her in her coop. She was more confused than any of the other chickens - and it was hilarious!

After she was done staring at the sky, Choco tried to escape by getting on the roof. She was too confused by the snow around her to fly back off by herself, so I had to get a 4 foot stick and poke her until she got off the roof! I knew she could fly well, but not that well! 

All it took to get Sylvie and Mr. Fabulous use to the snow was a few graham crackers! They followed us straight into the coop! Since Silkies do not have any  hard feathers to keep heat in and water out, it is important that that stay dry in the winter. Sebrights are better, but they have very little underfluff to hold warm air against their bodies. It's best that the bantams don't spend to spend too much time in the snow!

Now the ducks loved the snow. I let them out and they immediately started playing in it! They loved sifting through the snow for the little pieces of food left behind by the chickens! Ducks are a lot more cold-hardy than chickens, but they aren't foolproof. I looked outside to see one of my mallard/pekin hens shivering. When I picked her up, she was soaked! She hadn't spread her oils well enough to fully waterproof her feathers! Always check your ducks' feathers in the winter!

Of course, Nina the farm Chihuahua. This isn't her first year of snow, but it may as well be, because she acts just as surprised and disgusted every year! Even though she has a sweater and a coat on, it's just too cold out for her!

I hope you guys enjoyed my flock and the snow! Stay warm, drink some hot cocoa, and make some cookies with your eggs (if you're even getting them right now!).